Republicans Find No Magic Elixir for American Health Care

The American health care system has been a seemingly endless work in progress that satisfies nobody because of skyrocketing prices in all facets of the industry. Ideas to fix it on both sides of the political aisle have never ended up finding common ground. The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), effectively derided as Obamacare, has been a lightning rod ever since it was passed through the exclusive support of Democrats.

Despite having seven years to craft what they perceive as a better plan, the Republican party continues to flounder six months into the presidency of Donald Trump. Having campaigned on the idea that they would immediately repeal the ACA and then replace it with their version, Republicans are in the midst of their third attempt to simply get a health care bill passed.

A chief problem for those politicians is that even with control of the White House and both the House of Representatives and the Senate, there are still warring factions within this triumvirate. The most ardent of those have been the politicians that are short-circuiting the process due to either their own beliefs about cost containment or pressure from their constituents.

President Trump has spoken about simply letting the ACA collapse on its own, yet there’s no indication that such an event is close to happening. Meanwhile, his campaign boast about easily handling such a changeover has been smacked by political reality, something that led him to publicly wonder about the difficulty in executing the move.

With budgetary analyses indicating that over 20 million people would no longer have health care, the ironic aspect for Trump is that many people who voted for him would be the ones that see this benefit disappear. That’s something that could have political ramifications for both Trump and Republicans next year.